Cloud & Managed Services

Cloud servicesIt’s no secret that businesses of all sizes are migrating their operations to harness the benefits of the cloud:

  • Streamlined management and maintenance
  • Lowered operational overhead
  • Increased productivity, collaboration, and flexibility with anywhere, anytime access to mission-critical apps
  • Mobility support, via any connected device.

Small Business Cloud Services

If you’re an SMB owner, you’re looking to maximize your resources to achieve the biggest benefit for your business. One Call will consult with you on using apps like hosted Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange, to make sure that you’re running on the latest and greatest business productivity suite available, without the headache of servers and costly onsite maintenance, management and patching.

Upfront cost and aging technology can become a thing of the past. Cloud-based desktops also give you more flexibility, because you can securely access your resources anywhere—even on a mobile device.

Single Location Enterprise Cloud Services

The cloud offers scalability and on-demand access to mission-critical resources: a must for today’s agile business. Add in cost savings and the flexibility for enterprise employees to work anywhere, anytime, on the devices of their choice, and it’s clear that a range of hosted resources can transform your productivity profile.

One Call is your trusted advisor to help you design a cloud strategy that fits your needs, including evaluating hosted desktop applications and value-added managed services like employee monitoring, for holistic visibility into employee apps usage, productivity, downtime and other key metrics.

Multi-Location Enterprise Cloud Services

Multi-location businesses have unique concerns that the cloud can help solve: streamlined and optimized corporate resources, support for a mobile, borderless workforce, and security to against a crippling data breach.

Cloud applications pave the way to building better value propositions for customers around streamlined workflows. These applications ensure consistent collaboration experiences across all endpoints and networks for employees, even when in disparate locations.

Whatever your needs, One Call Technology will help you evaluate the best cloud migration path for your specific business-critical requirements.


  Desktop as a Service (VDI)

  Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR)

  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


  Unified Communication (UC as Service)

  Employee Monitoring Service

  Help Desk, Bill Review and Technical Support

  Hosted Microsoft Exchange

  Mobile Device Management (MDM)

  Security as a Service

  Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

  Website Development and SEO

  Content Delivery Network

  Hosted Microsoft Office 365

  Hosted PBX Lync Integration