12 Features of an ESI Phone System You Never Knew You Needed

  1. Unique one touch call recording
  2. Expandable voicemail storage up to to 240 hours
  3. ESI Virtual Answer – lets you use special greetings to help you courteously handle high call volume, based on call order.
  4. Esi-Link brings your remote offices closer together by joining multiple locations, whether across town or across the country, into what effectively is one big ESI system. Connect up to 100 locations across your WAN or over the internet without dedicated lines or long distance toll charges.
  5. Conf calls up to 16 party members
  6. Integrates with video, door locking, and fob control
  7. Visual voicemail – allows you to list voicemails and listen in any order
  8. 100 branch, programable auto attendant enabling you to set up auto-answering
    that conveniently routes callers to desired destinations and provides overflow support for “live”-answer — so calls are
    always answered.
  9. Full duplex speaker phones allowing two way simultaneous audio
  10. Mobile apps allowing cell phone to make and receive calls as office phone
  11. Call twinning allows multiple phones to ring at the same time (cell, office, ect.)
  12. Fax to email- Yes, people still fax, and yes, it’s much more efficient when the fax comes directly to your email inbox.
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