FAQs: “Does Our Wiring Support a Business Phone System?”

One of the most frequent questions we get when doing a site survey of different telephone applications is, “Do we have the proper wiring to support a business phone system?”

Typically in a residential environment you have wiring going from one jack to the next. This is what we would call a “daisy chain.” The daisy chain take the line coming into the home and runs it to each one of the jacks, so you have line one, line two, and line three going from one jack to another.

With a business phone system it is a little bit different. We have to have one individual wire going from the telephone to the central area where the telephone equipment is mounted. The purpose of this arrangement is to have each individual phone reporting back to the base unit and the lines coming into the phone system communicating to each individual phone. Using this set-up, each phone can have access to all the lines in the business phone system, and the phones can then communicate with the other phones in the office space.

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