How Scalable is the Business Phone System You Are Selling Us?


When we interview our clients to determine the type of business phone system they may need, we take very seriously the needs they have today and the needs they’re going to have down the road. We take into consideration both the current needs and future needs of the business because we want to provide the perfect business phone system solution without over-selling or under-selling.

At One Call Technology we don’t want to sell a phone system meant for Baptist Hospital when the business consists of only four team members, and has no plans for ever being anything different. So the interview process is critical for us in determining the right business phone system application that meets our clients needs, both for today and for the future. This could include the types of stations, phones, lines the business needs, or whether they want voicemail to email and VOIP. There is a laundry list of phone features that could be included in each application.

The equipment a business may purchase today is not necessarily everything it needs for the future, but it does need to be scalable.  A client may not want or need voicemail to email or IP phones at this moment, but having a solution that can provide these options for the future would allow the system to grow along with the business.

Our goal is to ensure that the product we ultimately provide for the client is a system that will continue to provide value for at least 5-10 years. The wrong phone system could 1)put a business in application that is too big with too many unused features and a high price point, or 2)provide a business a low price point, but limit the feature options that business may soon need. With a phone system that only meets today’s demands, a business may be limited when it wants to add new phones or new features in the near future.

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