VoIP Hybrid Solutions to Save You Money


For clients with the need for digital applications, like employees in the field and in the office, we often find the old phone wiring needs to be updated in order to accommodate a newer phone system like a VoIP system. Changing out the wiring, however, may not be something the client wants to invest in. Maybe it’s not in their budget. Maybe they’re planning to move in the next 12 months. Whatever the scenario might be, the client has the need for a digital application, but doesn’t want the investment of new phone infrastructure.

Digital Platforms

We can offer a solution. A digital platform with hybrid capabilities offers some of the features of a VoIP system without all of the costs. You’re probably already familiar with the digital side of the equation. It simply consists of a digital phone that goes back to a central location controlled by a phone system in a telephone room. This is the way it’s been set up for 25 years.

VoIP Features

The hybrid aspect of the platform offers more mobility, allowing for remote phones in the field that connect back to your office phone system. At One Call, one of the things we always try to do is use the infrastructure that’s in place to save our clients money. If that means using some old wiring for digital applications in order to avoid the expense of running 40 or 50 new cables, we can do that by using a digital phone system. Then we can add applications outside of those wires for multiple locations or remote phones and tie them into the system through VoIP.

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